Client FAQ's

Can the same user be logged in simultaneously?

No, if a user is logged in at one location and then logs in at a different location, the first system will log them out.

There is no reason for a user to be logged in simultaneously other than a person sharing their login details and we do not encourage that practice.

Do you charge per contractor or supplier?

NO, we charge you for Admin Users only and storage.  We do not charge per contractor or supplier.

WHY do we do this – We have listened to our clients and contractors in the past, and they wanted a more affordable system without per user charges, so we came up with Zerite Apps.

NOTE:  The number of contractors you have will determine your storage, you can buy more storage at any time by contacting us.

Is there a limit to storage on the account?

Yes, each account comes with 2 to 4GB of data storage which is adequate for most mid sized companies.  If you go over your limit we will contact you and discuss raising the limit.

Your account will NOT be locked, we try and work with you and not worry too much about the smaller things.

EXAMPLE COSTS:  For extra storage we don’t charge much it is $20.00 per month for an extra 5GB extra over your limit.