New System Updates and Features 20 DEC 2018


The location of the Set Pass mark action has been moved from Step 2 to Step 3 for both New and Edit Courses. If an assessment is not required the Pass mark option is greyed out.


An Intranet feature has been added where you can add documents for your users and registered Contractors to view and download.  You can access this via the side menu.

There are 2 default folders already created for you to rename and start loading with your documents.

To rename the default folder click on Edit and enter the new name.

To add a document to a folder click on Add Document this will open a pop-up box where you can select the folder you want to add the document to and enter the document details including the option to add your Document ID and Document Version. Once you have entered all the details and uploaded your document simply click on Save and Exit or Save and Add Another to load another document.

You can then allow your registered Contractors to access your Intranet by clicking on Open to Your Registered Contractors, they will not see your Intranet until this is done.  You can choose to close the Intranet to your registered Contractors if you want at any time.

To view the content of any folder or open any document click on View.

To delete any folder or document click Delete.  Please note that any deleted content is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.